Oh David

Me: It was hard to say goodbye to Shel this morning. I wish he didn’t live so far away. Vancouver is on the other side of the world.

Nell: He’ll be back soon.

Me: It was a lovely visit. I just feel bad for being unwell the whole time.

Nell: It’s not your fault and it didn’t matter at all. It wasn’t that kind of visit. You’re both grieving. and just needed to spend a quiet time together.

Me: Talking to Shel was a great comfort.

Nell: Now, I know you’re supposed to be resting but there’s something I need to discuss with you.

Me: I thought you looked a bit bothered. What’s wrong?

Nell: David says he’s been made Mayor of Kingsbridge.

Me: Kingsbridge already has a mayor.

Nell: Well, it has a new one now. David has the chain to prove it. He’s as proud as lunch.

Me: You mean punch.

Nell: I do not. Lunch is something to be justifiably proud of but violence can never be condoned.

Me: Never mind. That’s not a mayoral chain, Nell.

Nell: Isn’t it?

Me: No, it’s an extra chain to make sure his lead stays attached.

Nell: But David’s so proud of being chosen as mayor.

Me: Yes, I can see that. Darling Big Brave Beautiful Boy.

Nell: On reflection I think we shouldn’t tell him.

Me: Really?

Nell: There’s nothing wrong with a little showing off now and again.

Me: You old softy.

Nell: It can be our secret.

Me: What if Dave starts wearing one of those big three cornered hats with the ostrich feathers?

Nell: No. I’m drawing a line at that. It’s bad enough that Poppy is going through her pirate phase.

Me: I think she looks sweet.

Nell: She has a sword.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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