Nell is Annoyed and Sara Places an Order

Me: You’re rather lively for a Friday morning.

Nell: Something stripy is wandering around the garden.

Me: It’s probably just Beauregard. Tigers need to stretch their legs.

Nell: It’s much smaller.

Me: Kev said he saw a marmalade cat in the back garden.

Nell: Not that animal again.

Me: Do you know it?

Nell: Everyone knows Beaujolais Higgins. He has his paws in all sorts of pies.

Me: I wonder if he speaks French, with a name like Beaujolais you’d think he would.

Nell: Don’t start that again. Talking of French, have you been to see the blue mushroom?

Me: Yes. It has a very small voice. I’m surprised Dave heard it.

Nell: David has keen ears and of course it has a small voice. It’s a mushroom. What did it say?

Me: ‘Avec quoi puis-je te tenter aujourd’hui?’

Nell: Meaning?

Me: What can I tempt you with today?

Nell: Bit forward.

Me: I agree.

Nell: I hope it explained itself.

Me: It said ‘Que diriez-vous d’une savoureuse baguette ou d’un délicieux croissant ?’

Nell: Which means?

Me: How about a tasty baguette, or a delicious croissant?

Nell: What did you say?

Me: ‘Comme c’est gentil. C’est difficile de choisir.’

Nell: Just tell me in English, please, or we’ll be here all day.

Me: I said ‘How kind. It’s hard to choose.’

Nell: If you dilly dally around like that at the drive through you must be very popular. Did you make a decision?

Me: Yes. I decided on a baguette because it gave me more options.

Nell: So, what happened then?

Me: It thanked me for my order and told me my baguette should be with me in the next half hour.

Nell: And was it?

Me: Yes, and it was really tasty.

Nell: Ever heard of sharing?

Me: Sorry.

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