Where is Kev?

Me: It seems all wrong to be down on the beach without Kev.

Nell: Yes, but I’m afraid it’s far too risky for him to be out and about at the moment.

Me: Even with the false beard and sunglasses?

Nell: He’s not wearing those anymore.

Me: Why?

Nell: There was a photo of him in disguise in the Daily Growl this morning. Didn’t you see it?

Me: No. It really must be someone very close to home. How else could they have taken a photo?

Nell: It isn’t a real photo. It was photoshopped. He’s wearing that stripy t-shirt again.

Me: But they still had to know about the beard and sunglasses.

Nell: True. Well spotted.

Me: Don’t you mean striped?

Nell: I shall ignore that.

Me: I wonder who did the photoshopping.

Nell: Several Beefies wearing binoculars have been seen circling our property so I’m guessing they are behind it.

Me: Villains.

Nell: Yes, we’ve had to move him twice already today.

Me: Where is he now?

Nell: Best not to tell you until we’ve tracked down the culprit.

Me: We know it’s A Friend.

Nell: Yes, but we don’t know who A Friend is.

Me: It’s obvious to me.

Nell: Kindly stop accusing Lionel. He’s doing everything he can to help.

Me: Is Kev hiding on Burgh Island?

Nell: Why do you think that?

Me: You keep glancing over there.

Nell: It’s a beautiful island.

Me: He wouldn’t be staying in Lionel’s suite, would he?

Nell: Stop speculating please.

Me: What are you and Harriet looking for in that seaweed, by the way?

Nell: Jewellery, of course. We’re always on the lookout for clues.

Me: Oh, I thought you might have been doing your usual sniffari.

Nell: Now is not the time for sniffaris.

Me: No. Sorry.

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