David Does A Good Thing

Me: I’m really impressed with Dave.

Nell: Yes. David did A Good Thing.

Me: Apologising so beautifully to Hattie Button for eating her dinner and stealing Foxy her favourite toy. Three times.

Nell: He took it too far again though.

Me: Yes, he probably shouldn’t have climbed on the chair.

Nell: Or licked Alex’s face.

Me: I think he just wanted to make sure they both knew he was really sorry.

Nell: I think it was typical David behaviour. He simply cannot show Restraint.

Me: The main thing is that Hattie and Dave are friends again and she and Alex left smiling.

Nell: Yes, you’re right.

Me: It was a lovely visit and we’ll be seeing them both soon when we go to Charlotte’s for Christmas lunch.

Nell: I didn’t know we were all going to Charlotte’s on Christmas Day. Naughty Nigel never said anything about that in our WoofsApp group.

Me: I’m afraid you’re not going.

Nell: I beg your pardon?

Me: Alex is driving us there and Charlotte has a house full so we can only take Hattie Button.

Nell: I can’t believe what I’m hearing.

Me: It will only be for a few hours, Nell. We will celebrate in the morning and after we get back.

Nell: I’m not sure how I’m going to explain this to the others.

Me: I’d leave it for now if I were you.

Nell: Poppy needs to be told sooner rather than later. It’s going to completely mess up her numbers and she’ll have to change her seating plan.

Me: It’s only me and Kev.

Nell: You and Kev are not an Only. You are an Everything.

Me: That’s one of the nicest things you’ve ever said to me. You’re making me quite teary.

Nell: It’s the truth.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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