A Frosty Saturday Morning

Me: What a beautifully frosty morning.

Nell: You’re only saying that because you’re in bed with your electric blanket switched on.

Me: True. I’m enjoying admiring it from afar.

Nell: I think I might join you in bed actually.

Me: Please do. Poppy and the puppies are already here but there’s plenty of room.

Nell: You know David and Harriet will be six next year. They really aren’t puppies anymore.

Me: They are to me.

Nell: I wish David would stop whispering in Harriet’s ear like that.

Me: They’re sharing puppy secrets.

Nell: Good grief.

Me: Actually I think they’re excited about the football match this evening. Remember Dave trained with the England team a few years ago. He and Harry Kane are best buddies.

Nell: How could I forget?

Me: He was an excellent goalkeeper.

Nell: They’re waiting for our guests too, of course. What time are your sisters and Hattie Button arriving?

Me: About 4pm. They’re going to try and get here while it is still light.

Nell: Yes, we don’t want them driving on dark and icy roads. Hattie Button is only young.

Me: So, you’ve decided to be nice to her now, have you?

Nell: Yes. I realised I might have been a little short tempered and unwelcoming.

Me: You were a bit frosty. See what I did there? What changed your mind?

Nell: I was talking it over with Rupert and he reminded me that I have a duty of care to the younger members of the family.

Me: Yes, you do and Hattie might find you all rather overwhelming.

Nell: You’re excited about seeing your sisters again, aren’t you?

Me: Yes, I’ve missed them. I hope I don’t get too emotional.

Nell: Emotional is absolutely fine and understandable at the moment.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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