Where’s the Doggy Bag?

Me: The beach was magical again.

Nell: It was extremely cold.

Me: My writer friend Harry goes swimming in the sea every day.

Nell: Good grief.

Me: And he doesn’t even wear a wetsuit.

Nell: He’d get on well with Harriet.

Me: He knows Sir Roger Blubbery. They used to swim together regularly.

Nell: Sir Roger has other things on his mind now.

Me: Has Princess given him her answer yet?

Nell: No, she’s still undecided.

Me: She’ll have to make her mind up soon if there’s going to be a wedding before Christmas.

Nell: What on earth makes you think that will ever happen?

Me: Just saying. Everyone loves a wedding.

Nell: Moving on, how was your lunch at the Cottage Hotel?

Me: Absolutely lovely. It really is my favourite place and it did me so much good to go back there again.

Nell: I’m glad.

Me: Being with other writers was wonderful and I came away with a big smile on my face.

Nell: Excellent.

Me: Yes, it was just what I needed and Kev enjoyed it too.

Nell: Was I mentioned?

Me: You were. Annette and Brian are hoping you will visit them again soon.

Nell: How kind.

Me: Brian remembers fondly how you followed him into the kitchen and waited politely for a biscuit.

Nell: Yes, they have an extremely comfortable sofa.

Me: You certainly made yourself at home. I hope you will be just as welcoming to Hattie Button this weekend.

Nell: She is not sleeping on my sofa.

Me: It’s not your sofa.

Nell: David and I sleep on the sofas. Everyone knows that.

Me: Hattie will share a room with Alex. Try to be a little more caring.

Nell: Talking of caring, where’s the doggy bag from your lunch?

Me: I forgot. Sorry.

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