Tony is Back

Me: Wasn’t it lovely to see Tony again? I couldn’t believe it when he knocked on the door.

Nell: He is our postman.

Me: I know but we haven’t seen him for ages.

Nell: Yes, he’s been gone far too long.

Me: He was off sick, Nell. He had to get well again.

Nell: David couldn’t control his emotions as usual.

Me: Darling Big Brave Beautiful Boy. He missed his best friend so much.

Nell: Fortunately Tony doesn’t mind but David can’t throw himself at everyone.

Me: He’s just a great big bundle of affection.

Nell: That’s one way of putting it.

Me: You know my sisters are coming to stay this weekend?

Nell: Yes. We’re celebrating Alex’s birthday. Belatedly.

Me: Charlotte had the flu so we couldn’t get together until now. Anyway, Alex is bringing little Hattie Button.

Nell: Who?

Me: Your cousin Hattie Button the cockapoo. You’ll finally get to meet her. She’s awfully sweet and fluffy.

Nell: I don’t do sweet and fluffy.

Me: Well, you’d better.

Nell: Why are you and Kev dressed up?

Me: We’re going to my Wednesday Writers Christmas Lunch at the Cottage Hotel.

Nell: The Cottage Hotel in Hope Cove?

Me: Yes.

Nell: My favourite place?

Me: And mine.

Nell: What time are we leaving?

Me: I’m afraid you can’t come with us, Nell. It’s no dogs in the dining room.

Nell: Eat outside then.

Me: We can’t. It’s a special lunch and it’s far too cold outside.

Nell: I can’t believe this. First you tell me I have to welcome someone sweet and fluffy into my home this weekend and then you tell me you’re going to my favourite place for lunch and leaving me behind.

Me: I’m leaving everyone behind except Kev.

Nell: I rest my case.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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