Worrying and Waiting

Me: How are you? We’re awfully worried here.

Nell: I’m fine but Poppy and Miss Maple are still in the crow’s nest and Rupert is tied to the mast.

Me: I’m happy to say that an air, land and sea rescue is on its way.

Nell: It can’t be. You don’t know where we are.

Me: That’s where you’re wrong. We used Find My IBone.

Nell: How clever.

Me: Henry and Horst are coordinating everything from Devon HQ.

Nell: All I can see is sea.

Me: Well, quite soon you should see a Royal Owl Force flypast. Owl Pacino says he and his chaps aren’t far away.

Nell: If I didn’t know better I’d think you were quite enjoying this.

Me: It’s awfully exciting. Sir Roger Blubbery, Princess and the Navy Seals are also on their way so if you see them just give a nonchalant wave.

Nell: I’m not sure that’s a good idea. Should I be expecting Our Penguin too?

Me: He’s using his drone to film it all so he’ll definitely be somewhere near.

Nell: Just don’t tell me we’re trending on YouChewed.

Me: Not yet, but soon I expect. Beauregard and Oliver are leading the land rescue. Dave wanted to join them but Sally insisted he and Harriet stay at home.

Nell: I’m impressed that Oliver is involved. Opossums aren’t usually that brave.

Me: He’s riding on Beauregard’s back. Nobody would dare challenge a tiger.

Nell: Except Lionel King. I wonder where we’re going.

Me: Henry and Horst are fairly sure Lionel is heading for Burgh Island.

Nell: At least I’ll get a decent cup of tea there.

Me: I’m not sure you’ll be staying at the hotel.

Nell: I’m not spending a moment longer on this dreadful ship than necessary.

Me: Of course not. Sorry.

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