Nell has an Interesting Chat with Tony once David has Calmed Down

Me: Dave is a very big dog.

Nell: And you’re only noticing that now?

Me: When Tony came to the door and he jumped up to greet him you could really see his size.

Nell: David is extremely pushy when it comes to Tony.

Me: They have a special bond.

Nell: At least Tony and I managed a quick chat once David had calmed down.

Me: Good. Did you discuss the weather? Only, it was awfully rainy last night.

Nell: Of course not. We were talking about Beefeaters.

Me: Where are they?

Nell: Tony has no idea.

Me: They can’t be in Devon yet because Tony knows exactly what’s going on down here.

Nell: Only in our area.

Me: No, I think there’s a postpeople’s grapevine. They know everything.

Nell: Well nobody knows where the Beefeaters have gone.

Me: That sounds like the title of a very strange song.

Nell: And what’s more Tony didn’t deliver the letter from the palace.

Me: Was it one of the other posties?

Nell: No, it was hand delivered with no stamp.

Me: Very interesting.

Nell: Yes.

Me: If the Beefeaters delivered it why didn’t they stay?

Nell: Nobody said it was the Beefeaters.

Me: True.

Nell: I looked at the letter again and it has a clear water mark.

Me: Was it a crown?

Nell: No, not a watermark, a water mark.

Me: That’s rather disappointing. You wouldn’t expect the palace to send out a soggy letter.

Nell: It was stained not soggy.

Me: I’ve had a worrying thought.

Nell: Here we go.

Me: What if the letter wasn’t delivered by hand but by paw? Or even claw?

Nell: You may be on to something there.

Me: I should ask the Royal Terriers.

Nell: No, I should. You wait here.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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