Spoil Sara Sunday

Nell: You do realise it’s 6am, don’t you?

Me: I couldn’t sleep any longer but I did sleep well last night.

Nell: I was sleeping really well until you woke me.

Me: You told me I could always talk to you no matter the time.

Nell: I did, didn’t I?

Me: I’ve been re-reading all the kind messages people sent me. They’re such a comfort.

Nell: Good.

Me: I’m so glad we went for a walk on the beach yesterday.

Nell: So am I.

Me: Poppy says today is Spoil Sara Sunday.

Nell: You didn’t wake Poppy too, did you?

Me: She was already awake. She got out of Sandringham Palace first thing this morning and joined me in bed.

Nell: I wish you wouldn’t call Poppy’s bed Sandringham Palace.

Me: Poppy has two palaces. Buckingham downstairs and Sandringham upstairs.

Nell: Good grief.

Me: Anyway, Poppy says I’m allowed to choose the roast and can have two breakfasts today. Cereal first so as not to wake everyone.

Nell: Too late for that.

Me: And smoked salmon and scrambled eggs later.

Nell: I didn’t know we had any smoked salmon.

Me: The Cat brought it over for me yesterday.

Nell: How unusually kind.

Me: The Cat can be kind.

Nell: It doesn’t usually share its smoked salmon with anyone.

Me: Poppy also said you had come to a decision about Myfanwy.

Nell: Yes. In view of the difficult times we’re all going through at the moment we decided Forgiveness was called for.

Me: Does that mean Myfanwy is back in the Welsh Corgi Choir?

Nell: It does.

Me: She must be delighted.

Nell: Yes, and so is Rupert.

Me: Do you think he still has a thing for Myfanwy?

Nell: I think we should just enjoy the sunrise.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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