Meeting Friends at The Beach

Me: What an exciting trip to the beach. Who knew we would bump into our friends from Oxfordshire?

Nell: You did, because you told Terry and Marian we’d be there.

Me: We thought it would be nice for you to finally meet Shelagh and Sprout.

Nell: Shelagh is as wild as Harriet. Did you see them running in and out of the waves with careless abandon?

Me: Sometimes you need to care less. Life is too full of worry.

Nell: Here we go.

Me: It’s so invigorating to feel the wind in your hair and the salt on your skin as you dive into the waves.

Nell: Is it though?

Me: I love swimming with you all.

Nell: I’m not sure you should be diving into the waves at your time of life.

Me: Maybe not, but Harriet absolutely revels in it.

Nell: David was concerned.

Me: I know. Darling Big Brave Beautiful Boy. He’s probably pining for Sally.

Nell: David is dealing with his long distance relationship like a mature Affianced Animal and Rupert is guiding him.

Me: I’m glad.

Nell: Talking of guidance, Sprout is only 8 months old so I’ve told her she can join my Young Animal Mentoring Group.

Me: But she lives in Oxfordshire.

Nell: It’s all on Zoom. How do you think Marvin is a member?

Me: Oh yes.

Nell: Talking of Marvin, he will need extra mentoring in the next few weeks.

Me: Why?

Nell: Chris and Shannon are moving to a new apartment in Toronto and then Chris is flying over here.

Me: I know. Two weeks today I will have my children and grandchildren all home again. I am so excited I could burst.

Nell: Please don’t.

Me: I can’t believe it’s finally happening.

Nell: Well, it is.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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