Poppy Gets Carried Away and David is Amazed

Nell: Well, that was an eventful day.

Me: And Poppy was the star.

Nell: In so many ways.

Me: Dave won’t stop talking about Poppy’s amazing Paddling Pool Trick. Darling Big Brave Beautiful Boy.

Nell: Poppy had a paddle and jumped out. I don’t understand what was so amazing about that.

Me: Neither do I, but Dave loved it. He watched her every move and then stood there for ages just gazing at the empty pool in wonderment.

Nell: He saw her jump out.

Me: We all did.

Nell: Personally, I thought the llama lassoing was far more impressive.

Me: I’m not sure the llamas would agree. Was Alejandro supposed to be lassoed?

Nell: Llamas and alpacas are easily confused.

Me: Alejandro was definitely confused when the rope went round his neck.

Nell: I meant people mix them up.

Me: Poppy doesn’t.

Nell: No. She can get carried away, however. Why else lasso a corgi?

Me: I was glad I was watching from far away. I don’t think anyone was safe.

Nell: At least it made your sisters laugh.

Me: Yes, and the cake was delicious.

Nell: Now, what’s your opinion on Yorkshire Puddings?

Me: Love them.

Nell: Is two per animal enough?

Me: Dave might need four and Henry and Horst might not even manage one between them.

Nell: Henry and Horst are dining on leaf salad with the other insects.

Me: Two should do then with extras just in case.

Nell: In case of what?

Me: Mistakes.

Nell: Where’s your heart?

Me: On my sleeve?

Nell: I shall ignore that. We’re all wearing hearts to Sunday Songs in celebration of David and Sally’s engagement.

Me: I wondered why you were wearing a medallion.

Nell: It’s a necklace. Labradors don’t wear medallions. We aren’t bull dogs.

Me: No. Sorry.

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