Toby Turns One and Someone Quite Unexpected Performs

Me: Oh no. We forgot Toby’s birthday. He turned one yesterday.

Nell: No need to worry. Toby had a marvellous day with Tony and Sue.

Me: I remember when he was just a puppy.

Nell: Well, now he’s a dashing young Labrador who’s happy about his Uncle David’s engagement.

Me: Talking of engagements, did I see a pair of turtle doves outside?

Nell: You mean Kylie and Jason? Those two always turn up at the merest hint of romance.

Me: Do they?

Nell: Yes. I expect we’re going to have to listen to them singing that song all day now.

Me: ‘Especially For You’?

Nell: No. ‘Feathery We Coo’.

Me: That doesn’t even make sense.

Nell: It’s a huge hit and Malcolm loves it.

Me: Does he?

Nell: Yes, they sang it at his wedding to Susan.

Me: Have we got any other music arranged?

Nell: The Welsh Corgi Choir will be performing tomorrow at a love themed Sunday Songs.

Me: Perfect.

Nell: And apparently someone rather extraordinary will be performing this evening.

Me: I hope it’s Dave.

Nell: David hasn’t stopped singing since Sally said ‘Yes’. Anyway, it’s someone quite unexpected.

Me: Maybe it’s Lady Baba the singing sheep?

Nell: No, she’s on tour.

Me: Or The Rolling Bones?

Nell: Don’t be silly. They only do stadiums.

Me: Oh Nell. Look at the line-up. ‘George Jones the country singing opossum.’

Nell: Oliver asked him to fly over. He must have agreed.

Me: That’s not the unexpected bit.

Nell: ‘Supporting Act: Poppy Lee Martin and her Line Dancing Llamas.’

Me: That must be why she’s out in the field.

Nell: Are those cowboy boots?

Me: Yes.

Nell: And is that a ten gallon hat?

Me: It certainly is.

Nell: Did Poppy just lasso a llama?

Me: I’m afraid so. Sorry.

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