Twirling and Tea

Nell: So, we were down by the sea enjoying the view.

Me: Who’s we?

Nell: David and I.

Me: Okay.

Nell: When Harriet starts twirling right in front of us.

Me: Twirling?

Nell: Yes. On her back with legs akimbo.

Me: I love it when she does that. It means she’s really happy.

Nell: Whatever.

Me: There’s nothing better than a happy dog. Stop being such a curmudgeon.

Nell: Try having a deep and meaningful conversation with someone twirling around in front of you.

Me: Was it about Sally staying in London?

Nell: David is well aware of Sally’s huge responsibilities as head of the Secret Service.

Me: It can’t have been easy.

Nell; The conversation was not about David. I was the one who needed to vent.

Me: You?

Nell: Yes. I was greatly disappointed by someone at the Jubilee Celebrations.

Me: Was it the llamas falling over?

Nell: No. Llamas are clumsy creatures but they mean well.

Me: Who then?

Nell: Paddington Bear.

Me: What did he do?

Nell: He was with The Queen drinking tea and comparing marmalade sandwiches.

Me: I know. Everyone does.

Nell: My point exactly. That bear has no concept of the word discretion.

Me: Oh dear.

Nell: As you know, I myself often take tea with The Queen but you don’t see me flaunting it to the nation.

Me: Or even the world. The video went viral.

Nell: The Queen is a very private person.

Me: But in this case I think she rather enjoyed herself.

Nell: Are you implying she doesn’t enjoy herself with me?

Me: Of course not. She and Paddington were just having fun and they wanted to share it. Tea with you is her special secret.

Nell: Perhaps I was being a little over sensitive.

Me: You were. Sorry.

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