Sunday Contemplations

Me: Do you know what I like about Sundays?

Nell: I have no idea.

Me: Guess.

Nell: Poppy’s Sunday roast with all the trimmings?

Me: Poppy’s roasts are always a joy but that’s not it.

Nell: Sunday Songs?

Me: Also enjoyable but that’s not it either. Have another guess.

Nell: Would you mind telling me because I’ve got a Jubilee Parade to organise and I haven’t even checked on the llamas yet?

Me: I like the fact that it’s a quiet family day where you can sit back and contemplate the week ahead.

Nell: Well, you can’t do any of that today.

Me: I was just thinking how different you and Poppy are in personality.

Nell: Here we go.

Me: And in the way you approach life and all its challenges.

Nell: Good grief.

Me: You take your time to work things out while Poppy rushes in sword raised.

Nell: We don’t have time for this.

Me: Nowadays you’re more than happy to enjoy the view while resting your weary head on Kev’s foot.

Nell; I beg your pardon?

Me: While Poppy likes to scamper around looking for mischief.

Nell: Poppy doesn’t scamper, she strides, and less of the weary head, please.

Me: You’re a lot quieter than you used to be.

Nell: I am simply aware of the need for breaks now and again.

Me: Exactly.

Nell: But now is not one of them. The carriage is about to arrive and David has mislaid his crown.

Me: Am I going in the carriage?

Nell: Only for kings and queens I’m afraid, but you will be fine in the cart with the corgis.

Me: Will I be singing again?

Nell: Of course and remember to smile and wave. You can do your contemplating when you get home.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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