Back on the Dog Beach

Me: So, we’re back on the dog beach again.

Nell: Yes, until October. It is actually called River Beach and is just around the corner from our usual one.

Me: I know and the walk there is really lovely.

Nell: I don’t like the steps down to the beach.

Me: They are a little awkward.

Nell: But swimming is more convenient.

Me: Yes, I might join you all soon. It’s a shame Dave and Poppy have to be on a lead but at least Dave can still swim alongside Harriet.

Nell: David forgets about the rules and runs round to the No Dogs Allowed side. We cannot allow him to risk prosecution.

Me: No. That doesn’t even bear thinking about. My darling Big Brave Beautiful Boy behind bars.

Nell: I believe we are talking fines here not prison sentences.

Me: It’s bad enough.

Nell: I agree. Poppy refuses to conform, of course. She is completely defiant.

Me: She certainly doesn’t like being told what to do. John the Doberman was in awful trouble when he suggested crumpets as an alternative to scones.

Nell: Crumpets? You don’t eat crumpets in May.

Me: Some people do.

Nell: Crumpets are for the colder months. Everyone knows that.

Me: A toasted crumpet with lots of butter after a swim in the sea is just the thing.

Nell: Don’t let Poppy catch you.

Me: I won’t. She gave John really short shrift.

Nell: I can imagine.

Me: Robin says the magpies are being an awful nuisance stealing the small birds’ food.

Nell: That’s magpies for you. They have notions of grandeur. I’ve told you this before.

Me: We have to salute them, Nell, or we risk bad luck.

Nell: A simple nod will suffice. They are magpies not major generals.

Me: Yes. You’re right. Sorry.

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