Saturday Togetherness

Nell: Exactly how many bacon sandwiches has David eaten since he got back?

Me: Quite a few, Nell. He was awfully hungry.

Nell: No wonder he’s fallen asleep on his sister.

Me: I think he’s just happy to be home.

Nell: As are we all. It’s been a worrying few days.

Me: Yes. Thank goodness he’s safe.

Nell: Any sign of the two beautiful Maine Coons?

Me: Not as far as I know. I hope they don’t try to hold Dave to the contract.

Nell: They’d better not.

Me: Oliver Bone is just going to have to find someone else to play James Bond.

Nell: You do realise the Bond casting was never real?

Me: It was, Nell. Daniel Craig’s stopped playing Bond so they’re definitely looking for a replacement.

Nell: And you believe David was a serious contender?

Me: Of course I do. He’s beautiful, brave and ever so big for a Labrador.

Nell: I’m not sure those were the actual requirements.

Me: If it was up to me Dave would have got the job.

Nell: Anyway, back in the real world Sally has called a meeting of all the spies to discuss their next move.

Me: Does that include me?

Nell: Absolutely not. I’m guessing it’s only Rupert, Harriet, Roley Moley and Henry and Horst.

Me: Harriet can’t go. Dave’s asleep on her.

Nell: She can join the others when David wakes. His well-being comes first at the moment. Sally understands.

Me: Good. Hang on a minute. Did you say Rupert?

Nell: I did. Sally was so impressed with the way he handled the last few days that she’s asked him to join the team.

Me: Has she indeed? You’ve always had a thing for spies, haven’t you?

Nell: What is that supposed to mean?

Me: Nothing. Sorry.

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