Hats and Cardigans

Nell: Howdy partner? What on earth made you say that?

Me: He was wearing a cowboy hat.

Nell; You were supposed to be taking notes quietly in the corner.

Me: I know but I just couldn’t help myself. Why did he arrive dressed as a cowboy?

Nell: Lionel likes hats and I expect he wanted to look his best. It suited him.

Me: Knitwear Wolf wasn’t impressed. I heard him mutter ‘Show off’ to himself.

Nell: There’s no love lost between Rupert and Lionel.

Me: I think Knitwear Wolf would look even better in a cowboy hat than Lionel. Did you notice he was wearing his forest green cardigan.?

Nell: I don’t care what either of them were wearing. This isn’t about hats or cardigans.

Me: And I don’t know why you’re cross with me. Poppy served Lionel’s scone on the end of a sword.

Nell: Yes, that was a little theatrical.

Me: You were quite theatrical yourself lounging on a pile of cushions like an Egyptian Queen.

Nell: What’s Egypt got to do with anything? I was merely making myself comfortable.

Me: You know exactly what I mean. If I didn’t know better I would say you rather enjoyed the whole thing.

Nell: Anyway, do you think Lionel is really sorry about all the bad things he has done?

Me: It’s an awfully long list, Nell. Over two pages.

Nell: It was quite harsh of Rupert to insist on listing every single one.

Me: Harsh but fair.

Nell: Lionel certainly seemed sorry to me. Particularly about kidnapping Roary and Tigerlily.

Me: It was a dreadful thing to do. I’m not at all sure Mrs King is going to agree to let him see Roary.

Nell: Well, I think she should. He is Roary’s father.

Me: His bad father. Sorry.

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