Oh What a Beautiful Mornin’

Me: Are you two girls ignoring my darling Big Brave Beautiful Boy?

Nell: Harriet and I are simply trying to rest.

Me: You don’t have to turn your backs on him. It’s awfully rude.

Nell: He won’t stop singing.

Me: Dave has a lovely voice. Why shouldn’t he sing if that’s what he feels like doing?

Nell: There are only so many times one can listen to ‘Oh What a Beautiful Morning’.

Me: Yes. I can imagine that might get on my nerves too. But it is sunny.

Nell: And it’s morning not mornin’. We’re in Devon, not Oklahoma.

Me: Doesn’t he know any others?

Nell: ‘The Surrey with the Fringe on Top’.

Me: I love that one.

Nell: Don’t you dare start singing too.

Me: Do you know why he’s chosen those particular songs?

Nell: He says Lionel King’s cowboy hat inspired him.

Me: Hats can do that. And Lionel King’s was a mighty fine one if I may say so.

Nell: Would you kindly stop the cowboy talk?

Me: Yes siree Bob.

Nell: Who is Bob?

Me: I’ve no idea. I suppose he might be The Surrey if he has a fringe.

Nell: A Surrey is a four wheeled carriage.

Me: Really? I thought it was a long maned horse.

Nell: Good grief. This is worse than David singing.

Me: At least you are back to your normal grumpy self.

Nell: What’s that supposed to mean?

Me: You were strangely nice when Lionel was here.

Nell: I was not.

Me: You were, Nell. We all noticed. Rupert even shook his head at you.

Nell: I was merely giving Lionel the chance to apologise.

Me: If I didn’t know better I would say you were sweet on him.

Nell: Stop talking in an American accent.

Me: Yes ma’am. Sorry.

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