Marvin is not amused

Me: Look at these photos of darling Marvin. Shannon sent them.

Nell: Why is he dressed as an elderly peasant woman?

Me: It’s freezing cold over in Canada and they have to keep him warm.

Nell: He’s not happy about it. Look at his face.

Me: No, but he does look adorable.

Nell: Easy for you to say. I’m going to talk to Knitwear Wolf and The Cat about making him something more suitable to wear.

Me: That’s a good idea.

Nell: He’s a handsome young dog. He doesn’t want to be seen out looking like that.

Me: Was it just me, or is Knitwear Wolf a bit off with you at the moment?

Nell: Off with me? What does that mean?

Me: When you said ‘Good morning’ just now, he simply shrugged and said ‘Whatever’.

Nell: Did he? That doesn’t sound like something Rupert would do.

Me: I agree. So, what have you done?

Nell: Why do you think I’ve done something?

Me: Stop avoiding the question.

Nell: I might have decided to talk to Lionel King.

Me: I don’t believe it, Nell. After all that lion has done you are still giving him a second chance.

Nell: I have merely agreed to listen.

Me: When? Where?

Nell: He is coming here this afternoon. He wanted to meet me at his hotel but Rupert put his paw down and said I wasn’t going anywhere.

Me: Good for him. The sea tractor probably isn’t running in this weather anyway.

Nell: That’s not the point.

Me: No. Will Rupert be at the meeting too?

Nell: I hope not.

Me: I think I should be there, Nell. I’m a good listener and I can write it all down.

Nell: It’s a private meeting.

Me: I’m not letting you do this alone. Sorry.

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