Second chances

Me: How can that be comfortable?

Nell: Quiet. I’m thinking.

Me: Why hang off the side of the sofa like that?

Nell: Just eat your toast, please.

Me: I’m not really hungry.

Nell: What do you feel about second chances?

Me: I didn’t know I’d used up my first one.

Nell: This is not about you.

Me: Everyone deserves a second chance, Nell. We all make mistakes. Look at Dave.

Nell: What about third, or fourth chances?

Me: I don’t think he meant to eat those scones.

Nell: What scones?

Me: Did I say scones? I probably meant dry biscuits.

Nell: Never mind. This isn’t about David.

Me: Who needs another chance then?

Nell: Lionel King.

Me: I’m not sure he has any chances left.

Nell: He has returned The Cat’s store card.

Me: So it was him who stole it?

Nell: Yes. There was a note with the card.

Me: What did it say?

Nell: ‘Tell Nell, I’m sorry. I do bad things because I’m lonely.’

Me: Is that all?

Nell: Actually, I think it is quite a lot.

Me: Don’t be taken in again by him, Nell. He doesn’t mean it. He just got bored with buying unsuitable presents. He’s such an attention seeker.

Nell: What if he is lonely? What if that is the reason for all of this?

Me: You can’t go around kidnapping cubs and stealing cards.

Nell: No. Still it is rather brave to admit you are lonely.

Me: It’s another one of his games. Appealing to your softer side. Why else did he mention your name? He should have been saying sorry to The Cat.

Nell: You are probably right. He has lost his wife and child though.

Me: Through badness. Don’t forget that.

Nell: People can change.

Me: But can Lionel? Sorry.

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