Just chilling

Me: Dave has the right attitude to life, doesn’t he? Just chilling and watching the world go by.

Nell: What are you doing out of bed? Go back upstairs right now.

Me: It’s just earache, Nell.

Nell: You’ve been awake most of the night.

Me: I wanted to be with everyone.

Nell: We can join you later after you’ve had a sleep.

Me: But what about Sunday Songs?

Nell: They’re being broadcast from The Barn.

Me: Really?

Nell: You can’t expect the Welsh Corgi Choir to sing in a field in this weather.

Me: Who’s doing the broadcasting?

Nell: ABC.

Me: The Australian Broadcasting Corporation?

Nell: No. The Animals Being Clever network. There aren’t any Australians here as far as I know.

Me: I’ve had a thought.

Nell: Here we go.

Me: Are kangaroos automatically Australian even if they’re born here?

Nell: Certainly not. You don’t think every Bichon Frise speaks French, do you?

Me: Manuel speaks Spanish.

Nell: Manuel is from Barcelona.

Me: I wonder if Marvin still talks like a Texan.

Nell: Chris and Shannon rescued Marvin when he was very young so he sounds Canadian now.

Me: How do you know?

Nell: Marvin and I chat on WoofsApp regularly. He’s part of my young animal mentoring group.

Me: Is Toby?

Nell: Yes. Young Toby is quite a challenge. He’s started changing the tv channels when Tony leaves the room.

Me: How naughty.

Nell: And he keeps stealing Sue’s knitting.

Me: He’s only 7 months.

Nell: His Uncle David still steals socks and he’s 5 in July.

Me: How can my Big Brave Beautiful Boy be nearly 5?

Nell: He has 5 months to change his ways.

Me: I don’t want him to change his ways.

Nell: Don’t complain when he steals your slippers then.

Me: No. Sorry.

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