To the Rescue

Me: I’ve got good news and bad news again.

Nell: Start with the good news.

Me: When Dave and I got to the Agatha Christie suite the rooks were a bit sceptical at first.

Nell: Understandably.

Me: Although I had my knitting and Dave was wearing his top hat so they recognised us.

Nell: Good grief.

Me: After a few songs and a knit one pearl one, or two, they finally let us in and we admired the view.

Nell: Good.

Me: The suite is vast with several bedrooms but I knew where the cubs were because of the growling.

Nell: Well done.

Me: While Dave invited them onto the balcony for a couple of sea shanties he learned from Tony, I located the cubs and smuggled them out under my cloak.

Nell: Didn’t the rooks notice?

Me: No. I just waved goodbye at them in a confident and imperious sort of manner.

Nell: Did you run up the hill?

Me: The cubs did. I told them to lie low by the ruins and wait for the helicopter and went back to get Dave.

Nell: Poppy was on standby so they won’t have waited long. I’m expecting them back here at any moment. What’s the bad news?

Me: We probably shouldn’t have cheered.

Nell: Cheered?

Me: I might have yelled ‘Yes!’ when I saw the helicopter flying over and Dave threw his hat in the air.

Nell: But Henry and Horst were on the hat. Where are they?

Me: We don’t know because the rooks have locked us in our room until Lionel gets back.

Nell: You were supposed to leave as soon as you saw the helicopter. Now Henry and Horst are missing in action and you and David are imprisoned.

Me: At least the cubs are safe. Sorry.

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