Lions and Tigers

Me: You’re looking at me in a particular way. Have I done something wrong?

Nell: I’m trying to decide if you’re to be trusted. There are things I wouldn’t mind discussing with you.

Me: I definitely am. Especially if it’s about Mrs King and Beauregard. I love a good romance.

Nell: This isn’t one of your stories, you know. This is real life. A lioness doesn’t just fall in love with a tiger.

Me: Beauregard isn’t any old tiger. He’s awfully handsome and ever so charming.

Nell: Mrs King was a married lion at the time.

Me: Married to a nasty lion.

Nell: Lionel King wasn’t nasty when she first met him.

Me: What happened?

Nell: He got involved with the wrong crowd.

Me: Beefies?

Nell: No. Rooks.

Me: Oh dear. A whole parliament?

Nell: Why bring politics into it?

Me: No, it’s what you call a group of rooks.

Nell: Anyway, he started playing poker and soon he owed the rooks a large amount of money.

Me: Oh dear.

Nell: Mrs King says Lionel began to change for the worse. She hardly recognised the lion she had married.

Me: How sad.

Nell: Little Roary was born but Lionel had no time for him. He was now working full time for the rooks.

Me: Stealing and cheating?

Nell: Exactly. It was during a poker game at their house that Mrs King first met Beauregard.

Me: Was he a baddie too?

Nell: No. He had retired as an international jewel thief and was now working undercover.

Me: Of course. Silly me.

Nell: When their eyes met she said it was like coming home. She just knew he was the one and so did he.

Me: You do, don’t you?

Nell: Yes. It was the same for me and Charlie.

Me: Sorry.

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