Sharing a Bed and Taking Tea.

Me: Why are Poppy and Dave sharing a bed when you have a whole sofa and an excess of cushions to yourself?

Nell: Poppy had her hair cut and David felt she needed him to keep her warm.

Me: I’m not sure she agrees, judging by her face.

Nell: Now, Mrs King is taking tea with me later in the drawing room so we’ll need some space.

Me: We don’t have a drawing room.

Nell: Drawing room, living room, they’re the same thing.

Me: If we had a drawing room it would be for Timothy so he doesn’t have to paint in the kitchen.

Nell: Is Timothy back from retreat?

Me: He flew in just now.

Nell: Nonsense. We both know turkeys only fly very short distances and Timothy has been abroad.

Me: Knitwear Wolf collected him from the station on his motorbike. Malcolm went with him in the sidecar.

Nell: I hope there was enough room for Timothy.

Me: Princess goes in it all the time and she’s a seal so there’s definitely room for a turkey and a flamingo.

Nell: Feathers take up more room than you think and Malcolm has long legs.

Me: Long spindly legs which he can tuck away.

Nell: I suppose so.

Me: What are you going to discuss with Mrs King?

Nell: Never you mind.

Me: I bet you want to know all about her romantic affair with Beauregard.

Nell: Mrs King’s personal life is none of my business.

Me: That’s not the impression I got when you were gossiping with your friend Dorothy just now on your iBone.

Nell: I was merely bringing Dorothy up to date. She’s most concerned about Roary. Eavesdropping is a most unattractive trait, by the way, and you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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