Kev Time

Nell: Have you seen David? Sally is looking for him.

Me: He’s in the yellow chair having cuddles with Kev.

Nell: This isn’t the time for cuddles. We have work to do.

Me: Just let him enjoy his Kev Time. Darling Big Brave Beautiful Boy.

Nell: We’d all like more Kev Time but there’s a baby lion out there who needs his mother.

Me: You’re right. What’s the latest?

Nell: Mrs King is considering taking legal action to force Lionel to return Roary.

Me: Can she do that?

Nell: Yes. She was granted full custody in the divorce so he has no right to do this.

Me: I didn’t know the separation was official.

Nell: It is. She’s already been in contact with her solicitor.

Me: A legal eagle?

Nell: No, a turtle.

Me: A turtle?

Nell: Do you have a problem with that?

Me: Not at all but won’t it take time?

Nell: Possibly and the worry is that Lionel might decide to take Roary out of the country.

Me: So, Lionel and Roary are still staying at the Burgh Island Hotel?

Nell: They are. Princess and Our Penguin swam over this morning and filmed Roary playing in the gardens so Mrs King could see he was fine.

Me: That was thoughtful of them. Did Our Penguin climb up to the hotel? He can’t have filmed it from the sea.

Nell: Of course not. Haven’t you seen his little feet? He used a drone. Do keep up.

Me: Well, I’m glad Roary is not distressed.

Nell: Mrs King was extremely relieved too. Owl Pacino and the Royal Owl Force are going to fly over later just to check on Roary and let Lionel know he is being monitored.

Me: Is that wise?

Nell: They are owls.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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