Sally is back

Me: I love Sally’s scarf.

Nell: Sally is always elegantly turned out.

Me: Dave waited by the window all day. Darling Big Brave Beautiful Boy.

Nell: Yes. He didn’t even eat his elevenses.

Me: Gosh. He never misses a meal.

Nell: I know it’s only shortbread and a cup of tea but I do feel elevenses helps one embrace the day with a little more vigour.

Me: I’m sure Dave had plenty of vigour when he saw Sally.

Nell: He threw himself at her.

Me: Bless him. Sally doesn’t mind.

Nell: I know. It was ‘Davey’ this and ‘Davey’ that. Fortunately Sally is all business today. She and Roley Moley have set up an interview room downstairs and statements are being taken.

Me: What kind of statements?

Nell: Food related I expect.

Me: I thought we were looking for Roary’s mother.

Nell: We are. Sally believes the missing food is going to lead us to her.

Me: Is everyone being interviewed?

Nell: Yes.

Me: Even me?

Nell: Of course. Why?

Me: Only I might have had a secret bowl of ice cream last night.

Nell: A secret bowl of ice cream? In January?

Me: I can eat ice cream all year round.

Nell: Did you share it with anyone?

Me: No, I ate it all myself.

Nell: That’s fine.

Me: It is?

Nell: If you didn’t share it with a lioness then it is of no consequence.

Me: No need to mention it at all.

Nell: Yes, you must.

Me: But I didn’t share it with a lioness, Nell. I would have remembered.

Nell: The ice cream still needs to be accounted for though, doesn’t it?

Me: Oh, I see.

Nell: We can’t have an unexplained half empty tub of ice cream now can we?

Me: No. You’re right. Sorry.

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