Snuggling Time

Nell: What is going on here? You are supposed to be writing.

Me: I was just having some Snuggling Time with my Big Brave Beautiful Boy.

Nell: You have a deadline and David has a great deal to do before Sally arrives for the weekend.

Me: There’s always time for Snuggling, Nell, especially on a cold winter’s morning.

Nell: David does far too much of it already, if you ask me.

Me: Did you know the BBC is 100 years old today?

Nell: Stop changing the subject.

Me: When I used to work for them I would get a cheque and it was always exciting because it said BBC on it.

Nell: What else would it say? You are showing your age talking about cheques. One hardly ever sees one nowadays.

Me: I know. It’s all online. How times have changed.

Nell: Anyway, hurry up and finish your writing because I need you and David at Morning Thoughts today.

Me: Are we planning how to rescue Roary?

Nell: We will be discussing that subject and how to find his mother but top of the agenda is missing food.

Me: Oh dear. I’m sure it was by mistake.

Nell: I’m afraid this doesn’t appear to be one of those mistakes. This theft is regular and planned.

Me: Dave never plans it, Nell. It just comes upon him.

Nell: We don’t think David is the culprit. He always acknowledges his mistakes and leaves traces.

Me: Like cream?

Nell: Exactly. This thief has left no trace at all. The food just disappears.

Me: I see. Do we know it was ever there in the first place?

Nell: What are you talking about? Of course we do. Poppy keeps a close eye on all produce. She has lists. You know that.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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