Gathering evidence

Me: What are you two girls doing down here on the beach?

Nell: Never you mind.

Me: But I do mind, Nell. The wind is very cold and your ears are flapping. You’ll get earache.

Nell: Stop fussing about our ears. We’ll wear hats next time

Me: Why are you both sniffing around?

Nell: We’re gathering evidence for Sally.

Me: Sally?

Nell: Yes, when she heard how upset David was about Roary she agreed to help us find his mother.

Me: Do you think his mother is here in Devon?

Nell: Sally is sure she must be. No mother would let her cub out of her sight for long.

Me: I wish I could see my cubs.

Nell: I know you do and you will this year. One way or another. Trust me.

Me: What else did Sally say?

Nell: She’s going to come down here for the weekend and she’s bringing Roley Moley.

Me: I bet Dave is over the moon.

Nell: He’s not that bothered about Roley Moley.

Me: I meant about Sally.

Nell: I know. Gotcha!

Me: Very funny.

Nell: Sally thinks that Roary’s mother is the one who hid him in our loft.

Me: Why didn’t she stay?

Nell: Sally says she probably did until we found him.

Me: Do you know, I had a feeling someone else was up there.

Nell: Here we go.

Me: I heard heavy pacing even after Roary jumped down.

Nell: Why didn’t you say something?

Me: I thought it was just my imagination.

Nell: Fair enough. You do get carried away.

Me: I don’t think I’m imagining Beauregard’s behaviour though.

Nell: What do you mean?

Me: He seems dreadfully upset about all this.

Nell: Roary was staying in the tree house. He probably feels responsible.

Me: Yes. You’re right. Sorry.

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