Where are you?

Me: Where are you? Poppy and the Puppies have been sitting by the window for hours.

Nell: Dorothy and I are still waiting for the sea tractor. Lionel says the waves are too high at the moment for it to cross.

Me: Lionel King?

Nell: Yes. Dorothy conveniently forgot to tell me that he would be joining us for tea and, as it turned out, dinner.

Me: I don’t like this at all, Nell. Can’t you just swim over?

Nell: I’m a Labrador, not a seal, and what would I do with my handbag?

Me: Are Lionel and Lady Anwen with you?

Nell: Yes. They send their regards.

Me: I don’t want their regards. I want you to come home.

Nell: Stop fussing. It’s just a storm.

Me: Did the hotel provide you with a comfortable room last night?

Nell: Yes, Dorothy and I shared a twin with balcony. Not something I am eager to repeat, however.

Me: Why?

Nell: Dorothy snores. All setters do.

Me: So do Labradors.

Nell: I don’t snore. How dare you?

Me: Of course you do and it’s the sweetest thing.

Nell: Stuff and nonsense.

Me: Well, I’ve just spoken to Knitwear Wolf and he has had enough of waiting. He’s coming to get you right now.

Nell: I’m not going on Rupert’s paddle board.

Me: No, he says he will hire a boat if necessary. You are to stay exactly where you are until he arrives.

Nell: I’m in the restaurant having breakfast with Dorothy and the others.

Me: Oh, and Dave is coming with him.

Nell: I had best order some more bacon then.

Me: If I didn’t know better I would say you were rather enjoying all this.

Nell: I am simply making the best of an unexpected situation.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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