A Dramatic Rescue

Nell: Talk about dramatic entrances.

Me: What happened?

Nell: There I was in the hotel enjoying my toast and marmalade when Dorothy said, ‘Is that Harriet?’ and handed me her binoculars.

Me: Dorothy has binoculars?

Nell: Never without them. Anyway, sure enough it was Harriet swimming through the sea scattering Beefies on her way.

Me: Darling Harriet is such a strong swimmer.

Nell: She came bounding through the seaweed straight into the hotel restaurant.

Me: Oh dear.

Nell: We were towelling her dry when we saw the speed boat arrive with Knitwear Wolf at the helm.

Me: Very James Bond.

Nell: Charlie was my James Bond. Don’t forget that.

Me: No. But I bet he looked dashing.

Nell: He did rather, although shouting, ‘Nelly, I’m here!’ was a little unnecessary.

Me; What about my Big Brave Beautiful Boy? Wasn’t he on the boat?

Nell: Boats aren’t enough for Poppy and David.

Me: What do you mean?

Nell: Dorothy and I were just organising some more toast and tea for Harriet when we heard the sound of a helicopter.

Me: Was it one of those VIP guests arriving?

Nell: No, it was David being lowered onto the terrace.

Me: How exciting. Did you fly back with him?

Nell: Certainly not. As I said to Dorothy, ‘Nobody is going to winch me up into that thing, thank you very much. I’m making my own way home.’

Me: I hope Dave had some bacon before he left. It was awfully brave of him to jump out of a helicopter.

Nell: He didn’t jump, he was lowered. But yes, David enjoyed a number of bacon sandwiches and several boiled eggs.

Me: What about Poppy?

Nell: She flew home. There’s nowhere to land on the island and she had lunch to prepare.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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