Poor Xav

Nell: That’s Xav with your niece Scarlett.

Me: I know. I thought we could all send him our love and the strength to get well.

Nell: What happened?

Me: I’m afraid he was hit by a car.

Nell: That’s dreadful.

Me: He was very badly injured but has pulled through the first major operation and is convalescing at home with Scarlett and Charlotte. Emily the vet thought he would do better in his own surroundings.

Nell: Poor Xav.

Me: He will have to have another operation in a month or so but for now he just needs plenty of rest and love.

Nell: I’ll ask Terry to deliver some fresh fish to him later. Princess is going down to the beach and she always catches plenty.

Me: Is Knitwear Wolf taking her on his motorbike?

Nell: Yes, in the sidecar with Our Penguin. They’re doing some further investigating.

Me: Has there still been no sign of The Cat’s jewellery box?

Nell: Not yet. We are even wondering if tomorrow’s performance might need to be postponed.

Me: Gosh. That’s serious.

Nell: We can’t have contestants dancing in half finished sequinless costumes.

Me: Apart from Stephen Seagull and Poppy who seems awfully attached to her sequinned jacket.

Nell: Quite.

Me: What about tinsel? I have some left over from Christmas. Would that do?

Nell: Certainly not. You can’t have matadors dressed like Christmas trees.

Me: I suppose not.

Nell: Did you see that?

Me: What?

Nell: I’m sure that Beefy was wearing a sequinned hat.

Me: Where?

Nell: Over by the gate. Can you see it sparkling?

Me: Oh yes. It’s rather fetching, isn’t it? Although I would call it a cap.

Nell: I don’t care what it is. That’s not the point. The Beefies must have the box.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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