Who will shine?

Me: Dave is looking impossibly handsome.

Nell: David is being wilful.

Me: Why?

Nell: He’s refusing to accept that Chris has gone back to Toronto.

Me: Poor darling Big Brave Beautiful Boy.

Nell: You need to talk to him.

Me: I will. He loves Chris very much.

Nell: We all do but I need him to focus. We have a crisis on our paws.

Me: Oh no. What’s happened?

Nell: Someone has taken The Cat’s jewellery box.

Me: You mean the large one with all the sparkly things in it?

Nell: Good grief. Yes, of course I do and to make matters worse the sequins were in there too.

Me: That’s awful. How can we have Strictly Come Prancing without sequins?

Nell: My point exactly. It’s the Pasa Doble this week and the matadors need to shine.

Me: That’s one of my favourite dances. The proud matador and the swirling cape.

Nell: Most of the costumes are only half finished.

Me: The Cat must be in a dreadful state.

Nell: It is. Malcolm is over at the Big House now trying to calm it down with a smoked salmon sandwich.

Me: Poppy might have more luck. The Cat listens to her.

Nell: Everyone listens to Poppy but she’s busy rehearsing with Stephen Seagull.

Me: I see. That’s why she’s wearing her matador outfit. I did wonder. It’s very sparkly.

Nell: Yes, Poppy and Stephen’s costumes are the only ones The Cat has finished.

Me: Wait a minute.

Nell: I don’t have a minute.

Me: It’s obvious who is behind this.

Nell: Who?

Me: The Beefies. They’ve stolen the sequins so only Stephen can shine.

Nell: You’re right. The dastardly hooligans.

Me: I can’t believe you said I’m right.

Nell: Stop gloating. We have a box to find.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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