Monday kisses

Nell: David doesn’t fully understand the concept of Cheeky Animals. The idea is to secretly stick your tongue out, not blatantly lick your opponent.

Me: He can’t help himself. Darling Big Brave Beautiful Boy.

Nell: He wasn’t supposed to be playing with Chris. His task today was to keep an eye on Poppy.

Me: She does seem a little down.

Nell: It’s after yesterday’s dance off.

Me: What a shock.

Nell: She didn’t deserve to be in the bottom two but with a partner like Stephen Seagull it’s to be expected.

Me: The public don’t like him.

Nell: Who does, apart from Lionel King?

Me: And an awful lot of Beefies, judging by the screaming when the results were announced.

Nell: Well, they’d better get on their iBones and vote next time, or he will be in the dance off again.

Me: Poor Dorothy and the Portuguese Podenco.

Nell: I was very sorry to have to lose them so early but Dorothy simply made too many mistakes. She’s awfully stiff for a Salcombe Setter.

Me: And Stephen is actually quite a good dancer.

Nell: Yes, the pirate outfits helped, of course. Clever costuming by The Cat.

Me: He can jump quite high, can’t he?

Nell: I think Poppy’s sword had something to do with that.

Me: Do you think she is going to get her sword into all the dances?

Nell: Yes, or some kind of weapon.

Me: Well, I hope she gets some rest today.

Nell: Yes, dancing with a villain is exhausting. Malcolm and Manuel have taken over the kitchen to give her a break.

Me: Malcolm seems to have embraced the whole dancing thing. Did you notice his sequinned apron?

Nell: The one with ‘Marvellous Malc’ written on it? I couldn’t exactly miss it.

Me: No. Sorry.

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