Post performance

Nell: What do you want now?

Me: I thought we could go through yesterday’s performance.

Nell: It’s Sunday morning. I’m resting.

Me: I can’t wait to hear what you think.

Nell: I don’t think Princess should be allowed on the judging panel. Who gives a 10 to everyone?

Me: She enjoyed it all.

Nell: As for that lion. Giving a 2 to Rupert and Myfanwy? You do realise that means they might be in the dance off?

Me: You only gave them a 4, Nell.

Nell: Myfanwy needs to work on her feet.

Me: What about Alejandro and Malcolm? Weren’t they a revelation?

Nell: You could say that.

Me: Riding around on the back of an alpaca on one leg can’t be easy.

Nell: It’s nothing to a flamingo. Look at Count Bingo on that trampoline.

Me: He certainly brought the house down. Gladys swinging upside down from a trapeze with a rose in her teeth was inspired.

Nell: It was not a traditional American Smooth. I had to mark it down.

Me: The other judges loved it.

Nell: Lionel King certainly favoured Stephen Seagull. Much as I admire Poppy’s choreography that was not worthy of an 8.

Me: It was wonderfully fierce though.

Nell: I was pleasantly surprised by David and Rhubarb. Their coats were beautifully smooth and the cowboy boots were a nice touch.

Me: So who’s at risk of being in the dance off tonight?

Nell: I’m afraid Dorothy was a little wooden and Susan is rather reserved but the public will decide.

Me: Kev was an amazing presenter with Henry and Horst on his shoulders like two sparkling epaulettes.

Nell: I couldn’t hear a word they said.

Me: I could hear vague rustling.

Nell: That was just David eating a bag of crisps.

Me: Oh. Sorry.

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