Nell: Could you ask David to give me some space, please? I’ve got a few phone calls to make and I would prefer a little privacy.

Me: He’s on Caring Duties, Nell.

Nell: I really appreciate his kindness but he hasn’t left my side since I came home.

Me: He thinks something is going to happen to you if he lets you out of his sight. He watched over you all night.

Nell: I know. This is all your fault, of course.

Me: Mine?

Nell: You’re a dreadful worrier and you’ve passed it on to David. Just offer him a scone in the garden.

Me: It’s not scone time, Nell.

Nell: It certainly is. As soon as I’ve updated my WoofsApp group Rupert and I shall be enjoying a scone and a cup of Earl Grey.

Me: Knitwear Wolf is eating scones in the morning?

Nell: He asked me if I would care to share elevenses with him and I agreed.

Me: Isn’t elevenses usually shortbread?

Nell: Not today. After yesterday’s deprivation I am allowed to choose what I eat.

Me: Actually the idea of a scone at 11 is rather appealing.

Nell: I said Rupert and I.

Me: Oh yes.

Nell: So, did I miss anything while I was away?

Me: You were only away for 8hrs 30mins.

Nell: Did you time it?

Me: I might have.

Nell: Good grief. What were you all doing?

Me: We just waited, Nell. None of us could do anything much until we knew you were alright.

Nell: What about Glide with Gladys?

Me: It didn’t happen.

Nell: You mean the llamas didn’t dance?

Me: No. Not even a two toed shuffle.

Nell: It seems I really do mean an awful lot to you all.

Me: You’re the centre of our world. Sorry.

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