In Recovery

Me: How are you feeling? Poppy has been waiting by the window since you left.

Nell: How would you be feeling after an anaesthetic and a tooth scrape?

Me: It was a thorough clean and polish.

Nell: Thorough is the word.

Me: The vet says we can collect you at 5pm.

Nell: What am I supposed to do until then? There’s no television you know.

Me: I think you’re going to see Chloe for some extra pampering.

Nell: You do realise I had no breakfast.

Me: Nobody did.

Nell: I know perfectly well that everyone had breakfast as soon as Kev and I left this morning.

Me: It was a late breakfast.

Nell: I hope there wasn’t bacon.

Me: Of course not. The mere idea.

Nell: I saw the bacon in the fridge.

Me: Dave needed comforting. He’s been so worried about you.

Nell: I hope the bacon sandwich helped.

Me: You looked relaxed in the car enjoying the sun on your face. Kev took some photos.

Nell: That was for your benefit. I know what you’re like.

Me: I couldn’t write anything until I heard you were in recovery.

Nell: Of course you couldn’t. It’s called Conversations with Nell for a reason. You could have called me this morning.

Me: I didn’t think you would be feeling chatty before the procedure.

Nell: They took blood.

Me: They wanted to make sure everything was ok.

Nell: I’m expecting a proper dinner when I get home

Me: Poppy is preparing chicken and rice.

Nell: I would prefer roast beef and all the trimmings.

Me: You know that can’t happen, Nell. Just light meals until you are fully recovered.

Nell: A small scone with jam and cream then? Nobody makes a lighter scone than Poppy

Me: Good try but no scones. Sorry.

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