Whose idea was that?

Nell: Whose idea was it to put Poppy in my handbag?

Me: It was supposed to be Gladys.

Nell: Good grief.

Me: I’m guessing Poppy didn’t stay in there.

Nell: Not even for a moment. She jumped out immediately the handbag landed.

Me: Was she hurt?

Nell: No. She started waving her sword around and issuing threats. She was wearing boots.

Me: What did Lionel do?

Nell: He wasn’t very pleased. We’re both tied up on deck.

Me: What about the hat?

Nell: I’m wearing it. Fortunately Henry was attached securely or he would have been lost at sea.

Me: Did you see the iBone charger?

Nell: Yes, while Lionel was distracted.

Me: And the scones?

Nell: Who sends scones?

Me: Poppy insisted. In fact that’s probably how she got into the handbag.

Nell: Well, Lionel has eaten them all.

Me: How rude.

Nell: Actually he’s asked Poppy to make some more. There’s a kitchen down below.

Me: Will she?

Nell: She said she’ll think about it. Now, did I see Princess with the sea lions?

Me: You might have done.

Nell: And the kite surfer looked remarkably like David.

Me: He loves surfing.

Nell: I sincerely hope the tiger who swam past us with an opossum on his head was Beauregard.

Me: As soon as PC Panda let him go he fetched Oliver from the hotel and jumped into the sea.

Nell: It’s good to know you’re all out there.

Me: I’m still at home, Nell. Sally wouldn’t let me join the Land, Sea and Sky Rescue teams.

Nell: Thank goodness for that. All I need now is you parachuting in wearing your all encasing hat.

Me: You would be pleased to see me though, wouldn’t you?

Nell: I’ve got quite enough to deal with. Thank you.

Me: Sorry.

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