A Handbag and a Hat

Nell: You were right. Lionel King is not a nice lion. He wants me to go to the South of France.

Me: Are you back on the boat?

Nell: Yes.

Me: Sally says to pretend you’re going with him.

Nell: I am. I don’t have any choice.

Me: And say you can’t travel to France without your handbag and a hat.

Nell: He’s not going to let me go back to the hotel to choose one, you know.

Me: Tell him you need to Book a Beefy.

Nell: Are you insane? I’m not going to trust my handbag to a Beefy and Lionel doesn’t know I have my iBone with me.

Me: Ask to use his. Terry is standing by with your handbag and hat. As soon as you pretend to phone him he will fly them in.

Nell: Why do I need a hat?

Me: Because Henry will hide on it. If you lose a signal Henry can still contact Horst using Louse Code.

Nell: I see. There are an awful lot of Beefies gathering around the boat, by the way, and I can still hear roaring.

Me: Yes. Sally wants you to know the roaring is nothing to worry about. SLOP are monitoring the island.

Nell: You mean the Sea Lion Ocean Patrol is here?

Me: Yes. They’ve been there for a while.

Nell: Somebody could have told us.

Me: Sally said it all had to stay hush hush.

Nell: At least I know they are out there.

Me: Yes. Just go and tell Lionel you need to Book a Beefy now and I will let Terry know.

Nell: I hope you didn’t choose the hat. It needs to be stylish. If I’m going to the South of France I had better look the part.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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