The adventure begins

Me: How’s it all going?

Nell: Why are you whispering?

Me: It’s an undercover operation.

Nell: You’re not undercover.

Me: It feels more exciting this way. Thanks for sending those photos over of you and Harriet. Beautiful colours.

Nell: Yes. We were able to enjoy a much needed swim in the evening sunshine yesterday.

Me: Why much needed?

Nell: Let’s just say that sea tractors are not my favourite method of transport.

Me: Oh dear.

Nell: Especially when Poppy is driving.

Me: Poppy?

Nell: Don’t ask.

Me: But I have to.

Nell: When the driver jumped out Poppy took over. Fortunately she is used to flying helicopters and can turn her paw to almost anything.

Me: Why did the driver jump out?

Nell: He didn’t expect a tiger.

Me: Thank goodness for Poppy.

Nell: Yes. David and Sally were waiting for us at the hotel and we went straight to our rooms.

Me: Is your room nice?

Nell: Lovely. I have a beautiful view of our beach from my balcony which is odd because I’m used to looking at the island.

Me: How was dinner?

Nell: We caused rather a stir. One dresses for dinner here and The Cat went a little overboard with our costumes.

Me: Sequins?

Nell: And tiaras. Gladys loved hers but Poppy was having none of it and wore a tuxedo.

Me: I bet Dave looked handsome in his.

Nell: He did.

Me: Was there any roaring?

Nell: Not yet, although there might be this evening as England are playing.

Me: Good one.

Nell: Anyway, I have to go. I’m meeting Lionel in the lounge.

Me: Inspector King?

Nell: Yes. Didn’t I say he arrived this morning?

Me: No, you didn’t.

Nell: Such a lovely surprise.

Me: Be careful, Nell.

Nell: Stop fussing.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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