Together Time

Me: Look at you and Kev on the beach together yesterday.

Nell: Yes.

Me: The love between you two is very special.

Nell: It was good for us to have some alone time before I go away.

Me: I enjoyed my swim. You didn’t come in very far.

Nell: I don’t like waves and I wanted to stay near Kev.

Me: I know. What time are you all leaving for the Agatha Christie hotel?

Nell: David and Sally left first thing this morning. The Cat has an important client coming at lunchtime for a fitting so we’ve booked the minibus for 3pm.

Me: Minibus? Are the Whippets Institute joining you?

Nell: Don’t be ridiculous.

Me: How many of you are actually going?

Nell: Harriet and Poppy. Alejandro and Gladys sans llamas and The Cat.

Me: Who is sans?

Nell: It means ‘without‘ in French. Do keep up.

Me: That’s a relief. I hope Knitwear Wolf is going.

Nell: No. Rupert is driving us there but he won’t be staying.

Me: Shame.

Nell: He’s needed at home and he’ll only be a short phone call away.

Me: Why is The Cat going?

Nell: It’s a cat. You don’t think I would be letting Beauregard join us if he wasn’t a tiger, do you?

Me: Don’t I? It’s usually something you complain about.

Nell: We are investigating roaring? The Cat and Beauregard have inside knowledge.

Me: I’ve never heard The Cat roar once.

Nell: Never mind.

Me: I hope you’ve included Oliver.

Nell: Of course. He and Beauregard are inseparable and Henry will be accompanying them on his collar.

Me: Oliver is wearing a collar?

Nell: Don’t be ridiculous. Beauregard is. Opossums don’t wear collars.

Me: Neither do tigers.

Nell: Well, it’s more of a medallion to be honest.

Me: Right. Sorry.

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