Sharing the Love

Me: You really love Tony’s visits don’t you? Look at your darling face.

Nell: Yes, Tony is family.

Me: You’re right. I think Dave gets a bit jealous though. Look at the way he grabbed Tony’s hand and jumped up.

Nell: Tony is his person. But he needs to know that love can be shared.

Me: I don’t think he’ll want to share Sally. Does he know she is coming to visit?

Nell: No. She wants to surprise him. Knitwear Wolf is driving to collect her from the station on his motorbike.

Me: Dave is going to go crazy.

Nell: Which is just what Sally wants. Poppy is cooking a special dinner.

Me: One of her roasts?

Nell: Roasts are for Sundays. You know that.

Me: Yes. Fish?

Nell: Fish is for Fridays. Bacon pasta if you must know with fresh cherry tomatoes and a light green salad from AJ the Gardening Afghan’s garden.

Me: Sounds delicious.

Nell: Yes, and it covers all bases. The vegetarians can lose the bacon and add cheese and the insects can just have salad.

Me: What about the fish eaters?

Nell: Prawns instead of bacon.

Me: Does Princess eat prawns?

Nell: Princess never goes anywhere without a mackerel.

Me: True. What about the football yesterday? England played well.

Nell: I know but Poppy and I really don’t appreciate the noise. Jumping up and down and shrieking really isn’t very dignified.

Me: I can’t help it.

Nell: Now, you need to remember that Sally is here as David’s girlfriend and nothing else.

Me: Yes.

Nell: No talk of spies, or secret service.

Me: Talking of spies.

Nell: I just told you not to.

Me: Why do ducks make terrible secret agents?

Nell: I don’t know.

Me: They quack under interrogation.

Nell: Good grief.

Me: Sorry.

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