We’re fine

Me: Why are you waiting outside the bedroom door with that look on your face?

Nell: You’re writing.

Me: You’re welcome to join me as long as you don’t get all barky with next door’s dogs.

Nell: Barky?

Me: Yes.

Nell: Are we talking about the farm dogs?

Me: Not only them. Any neighbouring dog seems to annoy you.

Nell: If you mean that I sometimes feel the need to raise my voice to remind other dogs of their boundaries then I agree, but I refuse to be silenced.

Me: They’re just innocently walking around their own gardens.

Nell: There’s nothing innocent about it. Ask Poppy. She had a dreadful altercation with an agitated boxer the other day. It was lurking by our fence.

Me: Poppy is even worse than you and as for the Puppies.

Nell: They are going to be 4 on Saturday.

Me: I know. How time flies.

Nell: It’s Sunny’s birthday today.

Me: Yes. I sent her a message. She played you so wonderfully in the audio book. She got your bossiness just right.

Nell: Bossiness? I just like to speak my mind.

Me: You certainly do.

Nell: So, when were you going to tell me about going down to the beach?

Me: I went for a quick swim with Charlotte and Scarlett.

Nell: How was the sea?

Me: Refreshing. Cold at first, but then lovely.

Nell: I remember.

Me: I can’t manage all you dogs on the beach at the moment. As soon as Kev is better we will take you down to the sea again.

Nell: Don’t worry about us. A walk around the orchard is fine.

Me: Oh dear.

Nell: It really is. We are all happy to look after Kev while you swim. We’re in this together you know.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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