Who is Mr Wolf?

Me: What game were you all playing in that field?

Nell: What do you mean?

Me: You seemed to be hiding.

Nell: I was. And very well too, until you noticed me.

Me: But Kev definitely wasn’t hiding.

Nell: He’s not a hiding sort of person.

Me: You can say that again. I think you were playing ‘What’s the Time, Mr Wolf?’

Nell: Rupert wasn’t there.

Me: No, the game where you creep towards someone and pretend to be statues when they turn around.

Nell: Where was Mr Wolf?

Me: Was it Poppy?

Nell: No. But Poppy was certainly involved.

Me: Well, whatever you were playing you certainly helped me take some good photos.

Nell: Why?

Me: Instead of moving like you usually do, you all kept very still when I looked at you.

Nell: Did we now?

Me: Yes. It was amazing. That’s how I knew it must be a game.

Nell: Yes.

Me: And the funny thing was that every time I looked up you all seemed to be nearer.

Nell: Really?

Me: Yes. Except for you.

Nell: It was a little hot for me. I was enjoying the shade. After yesterday’s excitement I needed some quiet.

Me: I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday.

Nell: And Beauregard thoroughly enjoyed Poppy’s roast. Who eats 4 Yorkshire puddings before the meal has even been served?

Me: He might be from the North.

Nell: What are you talking about?

Me: That’s what people do. They start their meal with Yorkshire pudding and gravy.

Nell: Beauregard was just being greedy.

Me: No. He was enthusiastic like Dave. Hang on a minute.

Nell: What?

Me: I’ve had a thought.

Nell: Here we go.

Me: I’m Mr Wolf.

Nell: Of course you are. I told the others that you would work it out eventually.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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