The Pre-Bounce Stance

Me: Excuse me, Nell. What are you and Dave doing?

Nell: Playing Cheeky Animals, of course.

Me: You know it’s Wednesday Writers today and I have a workshop this morning on Zoom.

Nell: That’s fine with us. Zoom away. We’re not bothered by it at all.

Me: But Dave is getting really over excited. He’s doing that pouncing thing.

Nell: You mean bouncing. It’s called the Pre-Bounce Stance. The front legs must be on the ground with the rear end raised. David is positioned perfectly, isn’t he?

Me: Well, perhaps you two could play it downstairs and not where I’m trying to work?

Nell: This is not a game, you know.

Me: What is it then?

Nell: It’s part of David’s training. As I always say to my young charges ‘You need to Watch and Wait to Win.’

Me: What young charges?

Nell: You know I run a class for the younger animals. Marvin and Ollie attend along with David and Harriet and occasionally Naughty Nigel.

Me: Why do you have to practise it now?

Nell: Dear me. You seem to have got out of the wrong side of your kennel this morning.

Me: You mean bed.

Nell: Do I?

Me: Seriously though. I need to concentrate.

Nell: I happen to know that the Wednesday Writers love to see us in the background.

Me: Yes, they do but only if you are quiet.

Nell: We are quiet.

Me: You know that isn’t true. The first glimpse of The Neighbours’ Cat and you’re off.

Nell: The Neighbours’ Cat is rude and provoking.

Me: It’s just sitting in its own garden.

Nell: Smiling smugly.

Me: You wouldn’t like it if I disturbed your class.

Nell: We wouldn’t let that bother us. We’d just press mute. You should try it.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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