Me: We are all very sad.

Nell: Yes, we are.

Me: Yesterday morning my sister Charlotte had to say goodbye to her beloved little Seamus.

Nell: He had a heart condition from birth and he had been very unwell recently.

Me: It got so bad that the only decision left for them was to let him go.

Nell: It is the most selfless thing you can do for us at times like these and the kindest.

Me: As Charlotte and Kerry drove Seamus to the vet’s they saw a wonderful thing. A beautiful rainbow stretching right over the sea.

Nell: Letting them know that all the other Guardians were waiting for Seamus on the other side.

Me: Yes.

Nell: As I have told you many times before, Seamus is a Guardian now and watching over his family. He isn’t in pain any longer.

Me: No.

Nell: He is with your mother and Mutley and Charlie and his dear older brother Harry rushing around like a young dog again.

Me: It makes me sad to see Charlotte, Kerry and Scarlett missing him so much.

Nell: Yes, I know it does, but it is only right and proper to grieve the loss of someone you love. Boo and Naughty Nigel are there to comfort them.

Me: Yes. Charlotte said they have been cuddling together.

Nell: We are all very sad here too. Especially Poppy.

Me: Those two were always playing together. He never cared when she told him off.

Nell: Seamus was such a cheerful, happy little dog and that is the way we will remember him.

Me: It’s just so hard knowing they can’t be together again.

Nell: They can. It’s just a different kind of together. One you carry inside yourself that never leaves you.

Me: Yes. You’re right. Sorry.

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