Hello Marvin

Me: Look at darling Marvin sitting on a tree trunk in Toronto. Doesn’t he look shiny and proud?

Nell: Yes. He will be 2 in June.

Me: Gosh. How time flies. Little Ollie turned 2 recently.

Nell: I think you’re going to have to start calling him Ollie.

Me: And you know who else is going to be 2 this month, don’t you?

Nell: Your granddaughter Faye.

Me: She wasn’t even 1 the last time I saw her.

Nell: You will see her again in the not too distant future. At least she is healthy and happy.

Me: Yes.

Nell: Just like Marvin. When Chris and Shannon rescued him they changed his life for ever.

Me: It is wonderful to see.

Nell: Now, have you signed Henry and Horst’s petition?

Me: No. I didn’t know they had one.

Nell: They have. ‘Give Small Animals A Voice.’

Me: I know it’s local elections soon but I thought it was about public services.

Nell: It is. Their petition is going to Kev and Jamie.

Me: Why?

Nell: Henry and Horst want a column in The Growl on Sunday.

Me: Do they?

Nell: They have an awful lot to say, you know.

Me: Well, that’s the thing, Nell. You say that, but I’ve never actually heard Henry and Horst say anything.

Nell: That’s because you don’t have keen ears like David.

Me: I don’t think I’m the only one.

Nell: And that is exactly why they are campaigning. Their voices need to be heard.

Me: I’m not sure it’s possible.

Nell: I’m talking about their written voices. You of all people know how important that is.

Me: You’re absolutely right. Henry and Horst should be heard. What are they going to write about?

Nell: Ask Henry.

Me: I would, Nell, but I can’t hear the answer. Sorry.

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