Too cold for April

Nell: It’s far too cold for April.

Me: Yes, it is. But the weather people did warn us.

Nell: Nobody should be made to walk miles and miles in a box full of water when it is snowing outside.

Me: It wasn’t snowing. It was hailing and not for very long.

Nell: Potato. Potahto.

Me: Your hydrotherapy is doing you good and the water was warm.

Nell: Would you like to stand in a lukewarm bath with no bubbles?

Me: Not really.

Nell: I rest my case.

Me: Chloe said you did well and she is very pleased with you.

Nell: Chloe is a sweet girl.

Me: And you’ve lost half a kilo.

Nell: Unlike some.

Me: It’s Easter, Nell. That chocolate rabbit had to be eaten. It was in the way.

Nell: Of what exactly? The carrots you keep giving me? I’m not a rabbit you know.

Me: You like a carrot. Dave loves a carrot.

Nell: David loves everything.

Me: Except lettuce.

Nell: There is no point to lettuce. All it does is make your sandwich soggy.

Me: I love lettuce. I could eat it every day.

Nell: At least we’ve finally got the internet back.

Me: Yes. Thank goodness. I never realised how much I relied on it.

Nell: Terry said Book a Beefy has suffered.

Me: That’s probably because you couldn’t order anything. You’re always online.

Nell: Some of the Beefies are still pretending to be mallards. Wretched creatures.

Me: Yes. I saw them fly over just now.

Nell: Mind you. Those tank tops are going to come in useful in this weather.

Me: Is Terry wearing one too? He must be feeling the cold.

Nell: Of course not. Terry would never pretend to be a mallard. He’s not that kind of seagull.

Me: No. Sorry.

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