Birthdays and Waiting Games

Me: Where’s Dave?

Nell: Outside playing Cowardy Custards with Walter Pigeon.

Me: Cowardy Custards?

Nell: Yes.

Me: How do you play?

Nell: You have to stare at each other until one of you moves.

Me: Are you sure Walter is playing?

Nell: Of course I am.

Me: I can’t see him.

Nell: Look at the top of the steps.

Me: Oh yes. They are both really focussed.

Nell: They can play this for hours. Personally, I don’t see the attraction. Boring game.

Me: I bet you could do it if there was someone eating.

Nell: I beg your pardon?

Me: You can be completely focussed when you are watching me eat.

Nell: I’m being Supportive. It’s what we labradors do.

Me: If you say so.

Nell: Is the internet working yet?

Me: No. We rely on it for phone calls too, as we have no signal down here, so we’re completely cut off.

Nell: Have you told everyone?

Me: Yes. I went down to the end of the lane yesterday until I got a signal.

Nell: It makes you realise how reliant we are on technology.

Me: Yes. I was supposed to FaceTime with Alice and Chris and the grandchildren.

Nell: They will still be there. There is nothing you can do at the moment.

Me: It’s my niece Scarlett’s birthday today.

Nell: Yes. I know. That’s why there’s a photo of her on here. Happy Birthday Scarlett from us all.

Me: Yes. Happy Birthday Button. We love you. Can you believe she is 17?

Nell: Time certainly flies.

Me: It seems only yesterday that she was 2 and we were dancing round the living room.

Nell: You still do.

Me: She gave Dave his name. He couldn’t be anything else but Dave now.

Nell: Or David.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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