Mistaken Identity

Nell: I’m afraid there has been an unfortunate incident of mistaken identity in the garden.

Me: Beefies in tank tops disguised as mallards again?

Nell: No. We’re used to that. It’s best to ignore them. This is much worse.

Me: What on earth happened?

Nell: Well, Seamus popped over unexpectedly with some fresh fish.

Me: That’s kind of him. I didn’t know Seamus went fishing.

Nell: There’s a lot you don’t know.

Me: True. How is he feeling?

Nell: Not as well as when he arrived.

Me: Was Naughty Nigel with him? Or Boo?

Nell: No. His mistake was to come here alone and unarmed.

Me: Apart from the fish.

Nell: He had already given it to The Cat. It’s having a barbecue.

Me: Are we invited?

Nell: Yes. But that’s not the point.

Me: Hang on. Why did Seamus need to be armed? He’s your cousin. He can come here any time.

Nell: It’s Easter weekend. Poppy is on high alert.

Me: Is she?

Nell: You know how she feels about the danger of chocolate.

Me: Yes. She won’t have it in the house. I’ll have to eat mine secretly.

Nell: What did you say?

Me: Nothing.

Nell: Poppy thought Seamus was the Easter Terrier and boxed his ears.

Me: But she knows Seamus.

Nell: Her judgement was clouded.

Me: I thought the Easter Terrier was supposed to box the Easter Bunny’s ears.

Nell: Poppy says it needs to get its act together. The Easter Bunny is still distributing chocolate everywhere.

Me: Has Poppy apologised to Seamus?

Nell: Not really. She says it’s an easy mistake to make. Seamus is a terrier and it’s Easter.

Me: How is he?

Nell: Fine, but he’s going to call ahead next time. Would your chocolate be an Easter egg?

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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